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Lost or Forgot Your Windows or Mac Login Password?

Have no fear, you’ve come to to the right person. I can recover or reset forgotten password in Windows Computers or Mac. First, don’t feel bad as losing or forgetting one’s password is a VERY common thing and can be a nightmare for any Computer user!

It can happen if you are setting up a new installation for the first time and you haphazardly created a password without thoughtfully thinking about what you were creating. It could even be a password for an account you do not use often.

So what happens now you ask? You can take your PC or Mac Computer to an experienced Computer Repair technician nearby like me to recover or reset your windows password or reset your Mac password.

Reset Forgotten Password in Windows

There are different methods used to recover or reset forgotten password in Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 such as using the “Password Hint” option or logging into another Administrative Account or Resetting your Microsoft account so you do not absolutely need a reset disk.

However, sometimes these options are not available and in any case choosing a reset option which you might feel comfortable with and attempting to recover lost or forgotten Microsoft password should be handled by a professional in order to avoid attempting to do it yourself and possibly end up messing up something and making things worse.

At any rate you should write down your Microsoft account password and keep it in a safe place. You also write down any security questions and answers you should put when creating a user account.

Reset Forgotten Password In MacOS

With Macs it’s a different process as one cannot “recover” a lost or forgotten password for any macOS but rather the lost or forgotten password can be reset then you will have the option to either create another password or not set a new password.

Like a credit card PIN number, your Mac password is one of the most crucial, making forgetting it a headache. The world is not going to end, though.
Locking the screen with a password is always beneficial because it prevents other users from turning it off the Mac, restarting it, and logging in. If you think this could happen, and you use apps that don’t automatically save your changes, be sure to save your work before you leave your Mac.

You can use your administrator name and password to unlock the screen for yourself or a standard user, but not for another administrator.

Ways To Prevent Losing Your Password

Each of us has dozens or perhaps hundreds of passwords and can’t remember all of them.

The importance of having a secure experience when using Apple devices cannot be overstated. Consequently, having a strong password to protect your sensitive information is crucial for security reasons. While physically stealing a computer could be simple, there is minimal likelihood that your data will be compromised unless the password is known. Therefore, it makes sense and is a good idea to take a few preventative actions to keep it and make it simpler with the following steps:

  • Use a password manager.
  • Make a cheat sheet. If you jot down your passwords, disguise them.
  • Consider Using Shortcuts.
  • Make up your own code.
  • Take a Memorable Sentence and Make a Phrase.
  • Pick four words at random.
  • Make use of a Base Password.
  • Avoid using common passwords and password patterns.


So guys, my motto has always been “prevention is better than cure!”. Therefore I very strongly encourage everyone who uses a computer whether it is a Windows computer or Mac to safely have two or more backups of your passwords to avoid any headaches with this in the future.

However, if you should slip up and should ever need to find an affordable, competent and professional computer repair technician near me to safely recover or reset your Windows or Mac forgotten password, call me now!

Also be sure to check my Services page to see the other services I offer, thank you.