Student on laptop in session with a basic computer skills tutor

Advantages Of Getting Basic Computer Skills Tutoring

If you are now getting started with your first computer or are just looking to learn basic computer skills to find out more about how they work, the first step and a great way to start is by taking Beginner Computer classes Online. Learn to use computers the easy way!

  • Learn in the comfort of your home – Remote computer learning means no need to have to physically commute to a class so no transportation, safety or weather issues to deal with.
  • Physical Safety – No-Contact Computer Lessons & Tech Training – Especially in these times of Pandemics….
  • No pressure to learn quickly – Learn at a pace comfortable for you.
  • Get Immediate Help when you need it– Get immediate assistance with specific problems you’re having when YOU need . Your Training session is customized to your unique needs. I am here to answer questions that are specific to your particular computer usage and I am always available for follow-up training.

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to using a Computer. For complete beginners, as long as you can move around a computer mouse with your hands and look at the computer screen and type at whatever speed on a keyboard, you will be able to do it!

Learn at your own pace about what your personal computer can do, how it can help you, and how to navigate it confidently. You can tell me what you want to learn. I am right there to answer questions that are specific to your situation.

Using screen sharing technology, along with a simultaneous phone call I will be able to remotely view & control your screen, as well as instruct, answer questions and address any concerns as they occur.

I will work with you to create and provide a personalized training session with your particular goals in mind, making sure to address any specific questions you’ve prepared.

When I’m done teaching you the basics, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer. You’ll also be ready to learn even more about computers if you should so desire.

About Me As A Computer Tutor

Hi, my name is Mike. Welcome and thank you for considering my services. Teaching people helpful and valuable concepts is one of my passions.

As a basic computer skills tutor I have 20 years of experience in the computer repair and technology field, I am also a Web Designer and Internet Marketer. I am very efficient and “will never run up the clock” as not everything with me is about money, just here to help and pass on my knowledge and experience, I am very patient and friendly. I will never make you feel rushed or embarrassed.

If you should ever need to feel secure that you have found the right tutor for you, you can view my Professional Profile on the Linkedin website which is the world’s largest Professional network on the internet. However you need to be a member of that network in order to view my credentials.

Another option is I can give you the contact info for some of my customers whom you can even speak to live on the phone and ask them any questions regarding my ability as a professional tutor to teach and explain things in the easiest and friendliest way. It usually doesn’t take a long time for anyone to grasp what I teach them.

You can also check my Google 5 Star Customer Reviews and Testimonials on my Home page here and also on my Testimonials page.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Put CTA Here*

What Basic Computer Skills Do You Want To Learn?

I can help you with understanding a variety of topics including how computers work and how to use them. We can talk about how to set up a computer, the difference between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use including Mobile Devices.

We can also explore what an operating system is and applications like Microsoft Office documents like Microsoft Word or Excel or Powerpoint or this thing called the cloud and cloud storage. You can learn how to use YouTube to search for any type of videos, searching google for and finding anything, how to shop and purchase anything online and a whole lot more, whatever you should need to learn about.

For computer beginners we can cover the basics of working with e-mails, Internet, files, folders, photos, YouTube, Amazon & more. Get All Your Computer Questions Answered

  • Learn To Use Files, Folders, Email & Internet online search
  • Learn about printing documents
  • Learn Internet Safety & Scam Prevention
  • Learn to use computer software especially old or new Windows and Mac Operating Systems
  • Learn Basic Computer Maintenance
  • Learn about Social media
  • Learn to efficiently shop online using Google search engine and other google applications

Computer Basics: These days, everyone is expected to utilize computers on a regular basis. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, learning some basics will take the stress out of using your PC. Learn at your own pace about what your computer can do, how it can help you, and how to navigate it confidently.

Why Well-known Computer Training Videos Or Books Won’t be Best For You

There are any number of free tutorials online and Computer training videos and books available but those will not be your best option and here’s why.

Pre-made instructional books and video courses don’t work for technology education, in contrast to other disciplines of study.

Constant updates to computers, programs, and apps frequently alter how things function so training manuals, instructional films, and other reference materials from online resources soon become outdated or no longer relevant and useless as a result, also if not downright difficult to understand.

Furthermore, external factors (such as various default Windows settings, themes, or apps) significantly alter how you interact with your computer. This implies that objects may not be located in the same location or behave in the same manner as what you are seeing in your instructions.

Generally Training books and videos also become useless when what you are seeing in the training is different from what you are seeing on your screen on your computer. Most of the people I’ve met that have tried this approach simply gave up in frustration.

There’s simply no substitute for one-on-one training with a live teacher. Rather than using generic examples, you’ll be trained on your own computer (with your own settings in your own environment) so there will be no confusion following along.

I offer personalized one-on-one training for the same price that many sites charge for pre-made video tutorials and for much much less than other sites charge for online group lessons.

Appointments may be scheduled for any day and time. I am based in New York so Eastern Standard time.

In short, when it comes to computers and technology, pre-made training materials and free online courses don’t work – so don’t waste your money on training materials. Hiring Private Tutors experienced and knowledgeable in Computer technology will be the best thing you can do.

How Does Basic Computer Skills Remote Training Work?

First, think of any and all questions you would like to ask for your first lessons, write them down just in case you should forget. Call to get info. Explain your goals. Get Payment info.

STEP 1: Call To Book An Appointment
We can nearly-always schedule a training session within 24 hours of your call. I can offer same-day service at no additional cost.
We can make an appointment for a day and time which will be comfortable for you.

STEP 2: Prepare For Your upcoming Appointment
To save you time money, it helps to prepare for your visit by fully charging your devices, keeping a list of any questions & having your passwords handy.

STEP 3: Connect With Me
I will call you at the scheduled time. After you’ve explained your goals, I will walk you through a few easy steps to have a secure, one-time access to your PC.

STEP 4: Training And Payment
When we should be nearing the end of your first hour, I will provide three options:
Conclude your Training Session: We will use these last minutes to address any final questions.
Extend your Training Session: We can continue your training if should be needed by you by extending the session for an additional half-hour or more (at my standard hourly rate).
Schedule a Follow Up Training Session: I will use these minutes to get a good stopping place to resume from in your next training session.

A single Basic Computer Skills Remote Training Session is typically 1 hour, and costs $50. Additional support time for 30-60 minutes will be billed at same rate after the first hour. Payment is due upon completion of each session, and I can accept Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.

Once you’ve completed your training session for the day, I will make out an invoice needed that you can pay online.


General basic computer skills training sessions are custom-tailored to your particular needs. Ask me to help you learn new skills, or get immediate help with questions. If you’re not sure what would be most helpful, I can teach you what I think would help you most in accomplishing your goals.

Learn to use your computer safely & confidently, at your own pace. Learn about what your computer can do, how it can help you, and how to navigate it confidently. Simply tell me what you wish to learn. Whether you want to learn computer basics or become a master of Windows or Mac computers, I can help you achieve your goals by making your technology work for you.

Much of the work you’ll do during training will result in you being able to get your computer stuff done much faster and build your technical skills. For Business Owners – Save money by training yourself or an employee with basic skills to use Windows or Mac Computers with extreme efficiency. Reduce downtime from technology troubles, and increase employee productivity. If you have any trouble, I’m here for support!

Do I offer last minute training or help with anything? I can often accommodate this request, though it isn’t guaranteed. Contact me any time, as long as I am available we’ll book a same-day at no additional cost. I can work around your schedule Evenings and weekends are no problem.

It’s a good idea to contact me first for a FREE Consultation to ask any questions or discuss anything at all and you can check the Services page to see what else I do, thank you.